Christy Marie| Visual Artist

Homophobia Doesn’t Look Good On You

Women express their friendships and genuine LOVE for each other in so many ways. However, when black men actually let go and become themselves, homophobia comes into play. I wrote this in response to the recent Fader magazine cover of Rae Sremmurd and the comments concerning their sexuality. Now, if my magical batch of friends and I did photos similar to these we would get all the love, likes, etc. It’s because of the notion that women are far more emotionally connected  that we are allotted more emotional freedom than men.  The definition of a man for many, means to be the protector, show no weakness, no emotion,  only strength which in my opinion, is ludicrous.

I wish people would realize what they’re doing when they subscribe to these gender norms and condemning these types of photos that highlight friendships. You contribute to men repressing their true feelings in any form of a relationship. This in turn causes mental health issues uncontrollable anger, suicidal thoughts, depression, AND anxiety simply because they never deal with their own emotions. And why not? because it’s “gay” or “weak”. The pain manifests itself in a REAL way. I’m tired of hearing another story about a black man who committed suicide. We have men out here thinking they have to look “hard” in every photo. SHRINK THEMSELVES and emotionally disconnect from the world. Be less of who they are to be considered a man, masculine, or even straight. That shouldn’t be the case EVER.

We have to realize how much we need each other. Hear me. We NEED each other. Friendships are so important to our growth as individuals throughout our lifetime. So to criticize others for how they choose to express it, is unacceptable. Black love is to be embraced in ALL facets. Don’t let this world will convince you otherwise.

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