Christy Marie| Visual Artist

Sis, Get Your Things

Published in Revived Magazine

The latest season of Insecure was full of nuances, but the reoccurring theme is simple: Grow the Hell Up. Yet, throughout this third season, the growing pains sometimes leave a bad taste in our mouth.

Our sis Molly needs to reflect on issues plaguing her professional and personal life. Molly is a successful lawyer, but she’s not a team player. As captain of “Team Me,” her obsession with outshining everyone makes people dislike her quickly. Her poor judgment in relationships is sad, as she encounters decent guys only to cancel them left and right. Watching her navigate relationships is like driving pass a car wreck, cringe-worthy, but you slow down and look anyway.  

In this season, Issa is forced to stand on her own two feet and finds it difficult. Couch surfing, driving Lyft, facing her terrible credit and a stagnant job she hates, her life is an endless list of disappointment and disillusionment. Not to point fingers, because maybe no one is really at fault. Most of us transitioning into our 30’s have been there or are still trying to figure things out. When Issa, who eventually gets things going on an upswing, meets and vibes with love interest Nathan, he ghosts her. Disappears. The man is GONE. No communication AT ALL. Issa spends much of her time trying to figure out why she’s been ghosted. Stressed out and upset is an understatement. Nathan goes MIA for a month. I would have blocked him no question. Let’s be clear: NO ONE deserves to be ghosted. Ever. It’s just wrong.

Nathan finally returns to “explain” that sometimes he gets “sad,” which calls to mind underlying mental health issues, a topic that goes under-explored in our community. However, I wasn’t ready to just swallow that and neither does Issa. Underwhelmed by his response (me too, sis), Issa says she needs to think and leaves it at that. It was very considerate or her to even see him, Black women stay doing emotional weightlifting.  But, it’s here that the theme shifts to one even more important than “growing up.” When faced with inconsistency, people or things putting you through emotional rollercoasters, those people or things don’t need to be a factor in your life. Period. To end to season, Issa goes to her new apartment and continues unpacking. The look of relief on her face after unpacking is a sign of a new chapter, a new theme: I Choose Me.

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