Christy Marie| Visual Artist

I Choose You

Do not feel guilty for choosing yourself.

Over faulty friendships,
Unfulfilling jobs,

Over the pressures to be religious,
And to see God, on other people’s terms..

Over unhealthy relationships,
Over those who only come to


Yet present themselves as ‘love’



Your…. HEALER.

Render yourself INCAPABLE of feeling shame..

For choosing happiness.

Unfold into your OWN peace 

And be wrapped up in it like a warm blanket 

In the dead of winter.

Do not be rushed..

Let your love for SELF,

MOVE you.

Anything that threatens the flow towards the Divine, 

That has you feeling fear,

And dis-ease..

Cast it out like the cancer you know it to be,

And be DONE with it.  

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