Christy Marie| Visual Artist


  1. The Getaway

    08 Sep 2019
    A Writer's Retreat For Women of Color A Photo Essay You know, sometimes you gotta get away. Literally.  This was a getaway. A necessary one. I'm sitting here on this comfy blue couch nearing the end of this retreat filled with so much gratitude. I have always had trouble picking…

  2. Sis, Get Your Things

    26 Jun 2018
    Published in Revived Magazine The latest season of Insecure was full of nuances, but the reoccurring theme is simple: Grow the Hell Up. Yet, throughout this third season, the growing pains sometimes leave a bad taste in our mouth. Our sis Molly needs to reflect on issues plaguing her professional…

  3. I Love Myself?

    29 Jun 2017
    I love myself.Sure you do.Stand up straight. Wear a bra. No one likes saggy titties.Bigger boobs. Smaller waist. No boyfriend?What’s wrong with you?What? Don’t forget to suck in. Too much skin. HO.Not enough skin. PRUDE.Shave everything.“Men don’t like hairy bitches.” What? Bigger butt. Whi-Lighter skin. Her tan is flawless though.Darker…

  4. Homophobia Doesn’t Look Good On You

    09 Jun 2016
    Women express their friendships and genuine LOVE for each other in so many ways. However, when black men actually let go and become themselves, homophobia comes into play. I wrote this in response to the recent Fader magazine cover of Rae Sremmurd and the comments concerning their sexuality. Now, if…

  5. I Choose You

    27 Apr 2016
    Do not feel guilty for choosing yourself. Over faulty friendships,Over..Unfulfilling jobs, Over the pressures to be religious,And to see God, on other people’s terms.. Over unhealthy relationships,Over those who only come to UseYouUp. Yet present themselves as ‘love’ Or Worse.. Your…. HEALER. Render yourself INCAPABLE of feeling shame.. For choosing…

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